The Fire Department Command System

Fire Command System  is all an Incident Commander needs to document and manage an incident.  

Track important command functions such as:

Command Staff

Attack Strategies

Building and Exposures Conditions 

Company Assignments

Water Supply

RIT Companies

Scene Notifications and more. 

All entries are Time Stamped by using the computers Time & Date.

Program will generate a Report on any incident 

Can be used on iPad Mini iPad, iPhone, Surface Pro or Tough Book computers  

All Programs are Stand Alone Programs that do not talk to each other and will not link to CAD links. 

Firefighter Cancer is a growing problem...

Protect yourself with Fire - Hazmat - EMS exposures

All firefighters and EMS personnel should protect your future with everyday exposures. Introducing an EXPOSURE FORM for your iPhone. Document fire, hazmat and EMS exposures right from your iPhone. Fill the form out after an incident and print the report, then email the report to your supervisor so it can be attached to the report. Also each filled out form will be kept on your iPhone for your records.

Designed by Fire Commanders FOR Fire Commanders 

I am a professional firefighter with over 40 years of experience. 23 years as Chief of Operations. Currently Fire Chief

Program Overview:

Designed for the Incident Commander, to assist with Benchmarks and Command Responsibilities that we all face when we take command of a scene. In today's fire service don't command a 2 hour incident on a dry erase board, then wipe it clean after the incident is over. Capture all command functions and roles electronically and print out the entire incident to a report page.

"Fire & Rescue Command" for iPad & Mini iPad
 "Fire & Rescue Command" for Surface Pro