Fire Command Pro will be all an Incident Commander needs to document and manage an incident. Incident Commanders can track important command functions, company assignments and track all events using the "Event Status Board". All entries are Time Stamped by using the computers Time & Date.

Fire Command Pro will generate a Report on any incident 

Program can be used on  Panasonic Tough Book, iPad, iPhone or Surface Pro type computer  

The Fire Department Command System

Designed by Fire Commanders FOR Fire Commanders 

I am a professional firefighter with over 37 years of experience. 23 years as Chief of Operations. Currently Fire Chief

Program Overview:

Designed for the Incident Commander, to assist with Benchmarks and Command Responsibilities that we all face when we take command of a scene. In today's fire service dont command a 2 hour incident on a dry erase board, then wipe it clean after the incident is over.

Command Program is designed for: 

 Surface Pro (Windows 8)              Apple iPads           iPhone 6                          Tough Books / Laptops