The Fire Department Command System

Fire Command  is all an Incident Commander needs to document and manage an incident.  

Track important command functions such as:

Command Staff

Attack Strategies

Building and Exposures Conditions 

Company Assignments

Water Supply

RIT Companies

Scene Notifications and more. 

All entries are Time Stamped by using the computers Time & Date.

Program will generate a Report on any incident 

Can be used on iPad Mini iPad, iPhone, Surface Pro or Tough Book computers  

Designed by Fire Commanders FOR Fire Commanders 

I am a professional firefighter with over 40 years of experience. 23 years as Chief of Operations. Currently Fire Chief

Program Overview:

Designed for the Incident Commander, to assist with Benchmarks and Command Responsibilities that we all face when we take command of a scene. In today's fire service don't command a 2 hour incident on a dry erase board, then wipe it clean after the incident is over. Capture all command functions and roles electronically and print out the entire incident to a report page.

"Basic Fire Command" for iPad, Mini-iPad, iPhone, Surface Pro & Tough Book
"Basic Fire Command" for iPad & Mini iPad
"Fire/Rescue Command" for iPad & Mini iPad
Basic & Fire / Rescue Command for Surface Pro or Tough Book